2022 State of Data Practice

Duration: 53 Minutes | Registration required

Impacts and Implications of AI/ML Implementation from 300 Data Experts

For the 2022 State of Data Practice Report, Molecula partnered with the Center for Generational Kinetics to survey 300 US data practitioners across a wide range of industries. We explored their perceptions and experience with AI/ML and advanced analytics in their organizations, how AI/ML impacts their current roles, and how they navigate (or change) their daily responsibilities as a result. 

Some key topics we’ll cover: 

  • Organizational effectiveness and maturity at using data and implementing advanced analytics and AI/ML solutions
  • Roles that have a significant or hidden influence on technology adoption
  • Opinions regarding automation of data wrangling and feature engineering
  • Infrastructure preferences, limitations, workarounds, and technical debt

Join us as we dive deep into the lives of data engineers, data scientists, and analytics practitioners with an overview of survey results and discussion with Molecula’s in-house experts.