Faster, More Scalable, & Cost-Effective Ad Delivery and Analysis for Digital Marketers


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Brands, publishers, and technology providers alike struggle with realizing the value trapped in vast volumes of audience data being created every day. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) may provide customer insights, but they are limited, have become yet another data silo, and are not easy to integrate with other solutions. Data Lakes can capture structured and unstructured interaction data economically, but they don’t provide audience-centric analysis and aren’t built to easily extract segments dynamically in applications. Now more than ever, marketers need a cost-effective, tailored system to collect behavioral data, combine it across multiple sources, locations, and time-series, and be able to run real-time, ad hoc queries on that data to maximize marketing, personalization, and advertising success.

Molecula and Aqfer’s joint solution allows joint customers to unlock their large-scale collections of consumer behavior data to power better targeting and personalized experiences. It further gives them the ability to access instant marketing insights to understand registered and anonymous audiences with complete context. The comprehensive solution uses next generation technologies, is cost effective, and most importantly, eliminates the need to rely on closed third-party platforms.

The combination of Aqfer’s real-time, consumer-facing APIs with Molecula’s decision-support real-time APIs and interactions provides a comprehensive, end-to-end analytics solution. 

About Our Speakers: 

Daniel Jaye, CEO Aqfer

Dan has provided strategic, tactical and technology advisory services to a wide range of marketing technology and big data companies.  Clients have included Altiscale, ShareThis, Ghostery, OwnerIQ, Netezza, Akamai, and Tremor Media. Dan was the founder and CEO of Korrelate, a leading automotive marketing attribution company, purchased by J.D. Power in 2014.  Dan is the former president of TACODA, bought by AOL in 2007, and was the founder and CTO of Permissus, an enterprise privacy compliance technology provider.  He was the Founder and CTO of Engage and served as the acting CTO of CMGI. Prior to Engage, he was the director of High Performance Computing at Fidelity Investments and worked at Epsilon and Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting).  

Dan graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Astronomy and Astrophysics and Physics from Harvard University.


Higinio, "H.O." Maycotte, CEO Molecula

As the great-grandson of the Mexican General who shot off Pancho Villa’s leg, H.O. embodies the spirit of a true revolutionary. Despite this ancestor’s sharpshooting tendencies, HO is one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet.

His background is in starting innovative companies from scratch, such as RateGenius, Flightlock, Finetooth (now Mumboe), the Texas Tribune, Umbel (now MVPindex), and Molecula. Molecula’s Cloud Data Access platform simplifies, accelerates, and improves control over big data for advanced analytics, machine learning, and edge/IoT applications. 

Between developing and refining this in-memory, distributed index, HO spends his time riding the razors edge between offering the core technology to the wider developer community as an open source project while simultaneously allowing enterprise-level clients to make their data instant.

Follow him on Twitter at @maycotte and connect with him on LinkedIn.